Welcome to my nail art blog! I'm Helen, 17 years old and I love to do my nails. I try and do my nails every week, taking requests from family and friends and thinking up things for myself. I'm open to requests.


I’m so sorry I haven’t had the chance to do my nails in a couple weeks.

It’s just been so stressful with exams and interviews and my shoe painting business.

Only a couple of you have unfollowed. I cannot believe that many of you have stayed. Thank you lovely followers <3

peeriecthulhu asked
Love the nails! Completely want to try be more inventive now ;D How do you do the gradient ones? And whats the best brand(s) of polish that you use? :)

Thank you!! For the gradient ones I just use a damp cosmetic sponge and apply stripes of the colours I want across the sponge (about a nails width) and just dab away! It’s so easy, sometimes is a bit messy and does sometimes need a few coats to get it a nice bright colour.
And my favourite brand is definitely Rimmel London, it’s an affordable price, doesn’t dry up fast and hardly ever needs more than one coat. I also like 17 and No.7 but No.7 can be quite expensive.

Thanks for asking! =D